Christmas Trees and Snowflakes

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Knit yourself a special accessory for the holidays.CTandS3

Also perfect as a gift for someone with the holiday spirit, this bright red lace knit scarf is lightweight yet warm, knit in a 4-ply wool that’s machine washable.

The scarf is made in 2 panels, joined with the easy Kitchener garter graft (link to video instructions included).

Christmas trees and snowflakes are featured in the lace design, which is enhanced by a single translucent glass bead topping each of the trees.

You’ll find the written instructions easy to follow for this 7.5 x 66 in/19 x 167 cm Christmas Trees and Snowflakes Lace Knit Scarf!

Also, let’s not forget our furry friends during the holiday season. They might enjoy some knitted lace as much as their humans do.

There are 2 patterns in 1 here:

  1. Snowflakes – designed for a small dog, with a measurement between button to buttonhole of about 11.5 inches (29.2 cm). There is a note in the pattern about increasing or decreasing this measurement if necessary.
  2. Christmas trees – designed for a medium-sized dog, with the distance between button and buttonhole being 13 inches (33 cm).

They knit up quickly, and as you can see in the photo, the Snowflakes scarf looks really nice on my pal Charlie.

If your schedule is keeping you too busy to knit, both the human and doggie versions are available as finished hand knit products in my Etsy store – with free worldwide shipping by air until December 4.

See you next week. Happy knitting and shopping!


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