Final Project for Level 2 of My Master Hand Knitting Course

Patterns available on Ravelry
Accessories available on Etsy


A couple of weeks ago I posted photos of two of my projects for Level 2 of The Knitting Guild Association’s Master Hand Knitting Program.

Here are some photos  of the final project, which is a hand knit vest.


And a photo of the neckline and all my materials ready to ship to the US.



So now I wait to hear the results of the committee’s evaluation and get back to my lace knitting.

As a matter of fact, I already have two projects on the needles and I’ll share the progress with you next week.

Happy Knitting!

Nearly 50 Knitting Patterns to Choose From – And More

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TM1 CTandS2


If you’re thinking about buying some hand knit accessories for holiday gifts, have a look at my shop on Etsy. There are scarves, shawls, and wraps for adults – and pets as well!

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GLFruitcake2 EW4

Happy Holidays in advance!

Colorwork in Knitting: 2 Projects

Patterns available on Ravelry
Accessories available on Etsy

This is a bit of a deviation from my typical lace work, which is often done in one color and features lots of holes! Recently I’ve been working on some of the more complicated colorwork techniques of Fair Isle and intarsia knitting for a special project.

True Fair Isle knitting involves using two strands of yarn on each row or round (one strand at at time) to create designs, or motifs. As the color not in use is carried across the back of the work, It also creates fabrics that are warmer and more durable than single-color knitting.

The intarsia technique makes it possible to create large fields of color (as in the argyle sock you see below), using bobbins wound with the various colors that are held behind your work. This is typically worked flat.

Other examples of colorwork in knitting include double knitting and slip-stitch color.

wristletcolorFair Isle Wristlet

A good basic reference for Fair Isle knitting is available online:
“Fair Isle Knitting.” Beyond the Basics.

A good reference book is available as well if you’d like a guide that takes you through the whole process from selecting colors to casting on to working a variety of motifs:
Watterson, Lynne. The Very Easy Guide to Fair Isle Knitting. Kent, UK: Search Press Ltd, 2014.


Argyle Sock

If you’re interested in learning more about intarsia, try this online reference:
“Intarsia.” Beyond the Basics. 26 September 2016

If you’d like to see a video on how it’s done, try this:
Knit Purl Hunter. “Intarsia.” 23 April 2011. 27 September 2016

Happy Knitting!