Garter and Lace Knit Scarf: Version 2, Silky Wool

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Garter and Lace: Silky Wool

I used a bit less than 100 grams of DK weight yarn for this scarf that’s knit from the top down (or sideways, if you prefer), rather than the traditional way of knitting from one end to the other.

You’ll see that the first half is knit in garter stitch and the final half is a lace pattern.

The pattern is written and should be quite easy for someone who has done a bit of eyelet/lace knitting.


This design is the second of two in this series. The first is called Garter and Lace: Fruitcake and is available on Ravelry as well.

The finished size, after blocking, is 6.5×66 inches / 16.5×167.5cm.


It’s also available for sale in my Etsy shop if you don’t have the time or inclination to knit one yourself.

Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Garter and Lace Knit Scarf: Version 2, Silky Wool”

  1. I am stumped on row 49 . It does not indicate if you repeat the stitches between the brackets. Other rows indicate 11 times.
    What am I missing?
    I have tried the lace pattern 3 times and still it was not coming out the way it should. Rereading the pattern I noticed that row 49 read differently.
    Hope you can help

    1. I’m so sorry Jeannette – There should be an indication that for all odd-numbered rows from 49-59 that the instructions for the 26 stitches in brackets (or parentheses) should be worked 11 times.

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