Knitting a Fair Isle Fisherman’s Kep

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I’ve been learning more about Fair Isle knitting recently and wanted to  try a pattern that used this color-stranded knitting technique before embarking on a larger project for my Master Hand Knitting course.

I found a group on Facebook that offered a paid pattern by an expert in the technique, with proceeds going to support the museum on Fair Isle.

It’s a closed group, but if you’re interested in joining a knit-a-long and meet knitters from around the world, it’s worth going to the site and asking to be added as a member:

The Fair Isle Fisherman’s Kep Page

The photo above shows my progress on the kep (cap) – one more small pattern repeat and I’ll be ready to start the decreases, add a tassel and then block the cap.

I hope to wear it when I visit Fair Isle in July.  It’s not really suitable for the climate here in Thailand.

Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Knitting a Fair Isle Fisherman’s Kep”

  1. Beautiful hat. Love fair isle fishermen hats. But, I would like to learn how to make one. Looks like the border is folded out. How is that done so the floats don’t show ?
    I did ask ti be accepted in the Facebook group.

    1. You basically turn the work and then you’re knitting on the side that was previously the wrong side. The pattern instructions from the Fair Isle Fisherman’s Kep Facebook site explain in detail. / Michael

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